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Custom Website Design

When it comes to custom website design or website development Deweys Design can do anything you like! From a simple WordPress website, to a custom website, or even the two merged together I can do it. Yes you heard me right, you think of it and I can code it. Some of the many services I can provide is make any kind of drawing or sketch into a fully functioning custom website. I have been known to convert pdf files, word documents and even photos into functioning websites.

Need help setting up AdWords and starting a functional web campaign. Don't be fooled by other people claiming they can do AdWords and then seeing all your money gone to useless traffic. When you have a website completely built and maintained by Dewey's Design you might not need AdWords. I'm currently in charge of hundreds of custom built websites and only three of them use AdWords. And really only one out of three needed it. Why, you may ask? All of my custom built websites utilize as much SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as I can possibly throw at it! I also have a lot of tricks up my sleeve. Give me a call and see why so many Web Designers copy my code.

On the server part of things I can change primary root files to interact with other servers. SQL, server database maintenance, malware removal, table configuration, domain name transfers, registration, forwarding, and or redirection.

On the Mobile Website design side of things I can setup a custom website, an app, or both to work with your website or be redirected to another domain. We can also set your Moblie Website to work with WordPress, Joobla, Blogger, or even Facebook so you can update things while on the go.

Web design services are endless and I can go on and on about everything I can do for you and your business. Below are a few more ideas that can be accomplished with Dewey Design. Feel free to email me or call anytime at (541) 994-Surf (7873). Thanks again for the visit, Jim!